06 October 2011

Thing I've Come to Realize #3

"Thing I've Come to Realize #3":            Perspective changes everything.

Perspective changes everything, especially when it relates to impatience.  We all get impatient from time to time whether it is waiting for an elevator, internet download, the car in front of you, your order at Starbucks, or a response from someone. Sometimes these things are a minor annoyance, but sometimes (typically when we are having a bad day) they really stress us out. The epiphany that I had was an attempt to put life into perspective (an activity I do quite often!).  All I did was counted... Sounds simple right? It really was. As an example, I counted the time that it took the elevator that I just missed to get back down to my floor. It took less than 30 seconds. After that, I just thought how short 30 seconds really is (less time than it takes for me to get out of bed in the morning). I’ve started doing this with other things and I realized that even things that seem to take an eternity really don’t take that long.  It my sound dumb, but it was a liberating experience and it helped me to be more patient. I recommend you try it sometime, just PAUSE.................................. put life into perspective instead of being impatient.

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