09 November 2011

Stephen's crazy life.

So... I wrote this super long blog about my thoughts, but I felt that all could be summarized by this short paragraph.  These past two weeks have been extremely stressful, in that time, God has shown me (like it says in Matthew 6) that stressing over earthly things is not worth it.  Earthly things will all fade away... What education I got, where I went to school, where I worked, and how I did on my exams won't matter when I die.  The only thing that matters is how well I represented God to the people I came in contact with during my stay here on earth.  Yes, I still want to succeed and be the best that I can be, but when workload becomes a stumbling block instead of a means to glorify God, it needs to be prioritized differently. So therefore my goal as well as my challenge for you is not to sweep God under the rug or give him a sliver of your schedule; devote yourself to Him and make it your purpose in life to follow His footsteps.